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Hudson Reed Combination Bathroom Furniture

Hudson Reed's brand new collection of combination bathroom furniture is the perfect solution for a smaller bathroom or en-suite, allowing you to install a toilet, basin and some storage space all in one, compact unit. Available in 4 distinct and aesthetically-pleasing finishes, we've made things a little bit easier by combining all the pieces needed to create different styles of unit into 1 easy-to-order and easy-to-understand listing. What's more, this furniture is generally available in standard or compact depths, making it ideal for the smaller cloakroom if required. Hudson Reed also offer bath panels in matching finishes, so you can co-ordinate your chosen style throughout your bathroom(s) to create a timeless look.

This extremely adaptable and useful collection of combination furniture is manufactured right here in Britain - so not only are you assured of British quality when you buy, but British after-service in the future. The configurable units also include handy little features like soft-closing doors and drawers; no more trapped fingers! Whilst models in this range will require some basically assembly - for example mounting the plinth and the basin on the units - the units themselves are supplied rigid which saves time and effort on installation. Whatever finish you go for, you're assured of a functional and stylish bathroom solution when you choose Hudson Reed combination furniture.

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