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Impey · Wet Rooms · Assisted Living

Impey are one of the leading names in wet rooms, continually innovating new designs and technology that make luxurious wet rooms a reality for customers of any budget. A wet room frees users from the space constraints of a traditional shower enclosure, giving you a wider area to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing showering experience. Impey's products are extremely versatile, allowing you to convert any room into your ideal wet room, regardless of the age or location of your property. In addition, their range of care solutions means that you can create a wet room or traditional bathroom that is both easily accessible and comfortably usable by people with mobility difficulties. Impey's care products are designed in conjunction with healthcare organisations to ensure they comply with the latest safety standards and meet the requirements of their users. Impey include lengthy guarantees with their range, protecting the customer and displaying their confidence in their products.

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Who are Impey?

Impey are the UK's leading wet room specialists, having pioneered many of the innovations that make these luxurious rooms accessible to every homeowner. There are over 250,000 Impey wet rooms in the UK, adding a stylish and accessible cleaning space to any home that cannot be accomplished with a traditional bath and shower. With their own dedicated design team and manufacturing plant based in the UK, the company are in direct control of every stage of the production process. Impey maintain a constant dialogue with architects, contractors and installers, to ensure that their collection is easily installed and complies with the latest building regulations. They engage in similar consultations with healthcare professionals to continually improve their care range. Impey also offer extensive technical assistance and provide wet room installation training courses, helping installers become familiar with their catalogue and ensure their wet rooms are of the highest quality possible. Generous guarantees protect every Impey purchase, including a lifetime watertight guarantee on selected products, making them one of the most reliable wet room brands.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms introduce a new level of style and luxury to any home, converting an area of any size into a fully watertight showering space. They free users from the constraints of a traditional shower enclosure, transforming an entire room into a shower area. They can be installed anywhere, whether you want to add a ground floor wet room to clean off after a day in the garden or at the beach, or you're looking to introduce an expansive loft conversion. Impey are responsible for creating the first wet room floor formers with a built-in gradient, creating a flooring system that is remarkably easy to install and encourages proper drainage on an otherwise level floor. Impey floors are ideal for creating a shower area that is accessible for wheelchair users and others with mobility difficulties, making them a great choice for residential and healthcare properties alike. Impey's catalogue has everything you need to install waterproof surfaces and seal them, resulting in a stylish, leak-free wet room that you can be proud to call a part of your home.

Care Solutions

Impey were founded with an emphasis on providing specialist wet room solutions for people with mobility difficulties. In addition to their wet room waterproofing products, which include everything you need to convert any room into a highly accessible shower area, they also offer a range of items that will bring extra independence to many users. These include such simple additions as grab rails and hand rails, greatly improved by Impey's "Maxi-Grip" surface, which makes them easier to hold onto with a minimal amount of grip strength. A variety of traditional and "Slimfold" shower seats are available in a number of different designs and colours, both with and without armrests. A shower seat doesn't have to stand apart from the rest of your wet room or shower room and can blend beautifully with the rest of your design aesthetic. Toilet plinths raise the level of your existing bowl to make it more accessible for wheelchair users. For the pinnacle of disabled toilet design, the "Clos-o-Mat" automatic shower toilet is capable of flushing, cleaning and drying with one press of a button.

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