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Kaldewei Baths

Produced and developed by one of the world leaders in luxury bathtubs, our collection of Kaldewei Baths boasts an extensive range of this brands exquisite repertoire. Every bathroom, from the classic to the contemporary, needs a loving haven with which you can sink in below the bubbles and while away the stresses of the day with ease and comfort. Here at Heat and Plumb, our extensive range promises to suit every need with everything from the abstract beauty of the Kaldewei Mini Star Steel Baths through to the angular silhouettes and deep bowls of the Kaldewei Conoduo range. Crafted with exceptional longevity and ever appealing design as a must, each of these hard wearing bath tubs fits easily within the existing decor of your bathroom or works to add intrigue to a new design.

With Kaldewei, the opportunities are endless so the next time you decide to add a bathroom redesign to your 'to-do' list, look no further than our large range here.

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