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Merlyn Black Shower Doors

Chrome and white are often the default options for shower screens, so we were delighted to find that Merlyn has started doing something a bit different with their black range. Black surrounds on shower screens are the ideal choice to blend in with the modern monochrome look, or indeed as part of any contemporary bathroom design. The Merlyn shower door range is extensive, and the different sizes of shower doors available guarantee that whatever your space restrictions, you won't struggle with finding the perfect door.

Merlyn is one of Ireland's leading bathroom companies, and is known for going above and beyond when it comes to ensuring quality products. Each and every shower door design is opened and closed a minimum of 20,000 times to ensure durability, so it's no surprise that Merlyn shower doors have a lifetime guarantee. Each and every one of the stunning range is made from 8mm thick safety glass. Merlyn's the ultimate in style and showering luxury, so why not treat yourself?

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