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Mira Digital Showers

Mira has been making showers for almost a century, and over that time have gained real expertise in the marketplace. They were one of the first companies to bring thermostatic showers to the UK, and innovation continues with their range of digital showers.

Ease of Use

Unlike traditional showers which require you to twist a handle or knob for the correct temperature, digital showers use the latest technology to ensure that the water comes out at exactly the correct temperature, each and every time. Just programme the shower before you get in, and it will always be perfectly warm. Digital showers are easy to use and a safe option too, as most have a cut off function to stop you setting the temperature too high by mistake. This style of shower is just as easy to install as other types of shower, and many of the Mira digital showers can be used with remote control options too. What could be better than being able to switch the shower on from the comfort of your bed, knowing it will be the perfect temperature for you to step straight in? The Mira digital shower range will allow you to do just that, and the styling will give a modern twist to your bathroom too.

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