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Mira Shower Trays

When your next project includes either an entire re-haul of your current kitchen or simply renewing your shower, choose a Mira Shower Tray to ensure water tight installation every single time. With a wide range available here at Heat & Plumb, creating a shower enclosure that allows you to fully relax after a stressful day just got a whole lot easier with our wide choice of long lasting shower trays from this UK based company. No matter that your project entails, Mira has something to offer every household with their shower trays of varying sizes and shapes that promise to offer a suitable solution to every problem.

Here at HeatandPlumb, we've got everything from the Mira Flight Safe Shower Trays that blend in with their surroundings, to the high Mira Flight Shower Tray and even something for those rooms that boast a unique shape in the Mira Flight Low Shower Trays. For a shower unit that promises to deliver for many years to come, discover the Mira Shower Tray's here today.

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