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Mistral Oil Boilers

With over 40 years manufacturing oil boilers, Mistral Oil Boilers are the best choice when you need a oil boiler in your home. Designed to not only be compact and offer the best in quality, but they are also quiet when operating and can be placed under the kitchen worktop.

The brand is determined to always offer the best in quality, which is reflected in the 5 year guarantee which is offered with the boiler.

If you do decide that a Mistral Oil Boiler is the right choice for you, then you can choose from a condensing and non-condensing boiler both of which could be ideal for your home.

Don't suffer with a cold and uninviting bathroom or utility space, don't worry about whether or not your water will be cold when it comes to using it. Invest in a Mistral Oil Boiler and discover what is so great about top quality boilers.

Mistral CS1 Condensing System Oil Boiler, Internal, 15-20 kw
Mistral CS2 Condensing System Oil Boiler, Internal, 20-26 kw
Mistral CODSS Condensing 1 System Oil Boiler, External, 15-20 kw
Mistral CS3 Condensing System Oil Boiler, Internal, 26-35 kw
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