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Roca has an amazing range of products for use in both domestic and commercial situations and includes classic collections such as the Roca Hall with its futuristic appearance and quirky pieces that can fit into the most complex of spaces. The sleek and timeless lines of the Senso range, the new Classical design with it's beautiful Period styling and of course the favourite and most versatile Meridan-N, plus of course, many more.

Roca is a global company that was first founded nearly a century ago in Barcelona.

Dedicated to the use of eco-friendly technologies, Roca are the founder and main promoter of the We are Water foundation which with 25 projects in 18 countries, acts and raises awareness to promote sustainable water management globally.

Being at the front of bathroom design, you can be sure that when purchasing from Roca you will receive a product of the highest quality which we can offer to you at extremely competitive prices.

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