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Apologies! Our phone lines are currently down due to the maintenance. You can reach us through Chat or E-mail.

Apologies! Our phone lines are currently down due to the maintenance. You can reach us through Chat or E-mail.

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Telford Thermal Store Cylinders

Telford Thermal Stores have been in manufacturing for over 12 years under the brand names of Tristar and Tristor, and they started with three different models; Combination, Open Vented, & Sealed System for both boiler application and fully electric and now have over 100 models. All of telfords thermal stores can be manufactured to accept any heat source that is currently available including Solar and range cookers. Tristar and Tristor can be manufactured to suit both Active and Non-active heating applications and from fully pumped systems to zone control and underfloor systems.

Over the years research and development in partnership with others has led to the development of many variants to meet specialist requirements; including OEM models for use in the underfloor heating and solar gain markets.

Recently telford have developed, in conjunction with a major house builder, a thermal store unit that has provision for a washing machine under the unit and is supplied with plumbed washing machine leak detection and failsafe water protection. This has proved popular with insurance companies and developers of multi-storey properties alike. Another very popular system they have developed requires no overflow or discharge pipe work on installations, ideal where access to a suitable discharge point is difficult or impossible. The added advantage of thermal store mains pressure installationsis that Telford Copper Cylinders will provide first class technical backup and customer support.

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