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Toilet Cisterns

Function and design both take centre stage in our collection of reliable Toilet Cisterns here at Heat & Plumb. Designed to pair with items in our range of toilet basins, this extensive collection features the essential part of a toilet that flushes away waste. Contemporary design or classical styling - each preference has been taken care of while units that simply work as efficiently as possible can also be found within this wide range. Choose from traditional white units or add a unique twist with a black cistern today and enjoy decades of experienced craftsmanship with our range of leading brands including Premier and AKW.

Whether you're seeking an economical addition to your current bathroom or are looking to invest in a high-quality piece of kit, we're sure you'll find the perfect toilet cistern to suit your needs. Discover more here today and take a browse through Heat & Plumb's toilet cisterns.

AKW Low Level Cistern with Screw Down Lid including Flush Handle
£25.24 RRP: £43.28
SAVE 42%
Premier Front Access Concealed Toilet Cistern, Dual Flush Button, Black
£26.95 RRP: £37.65
SAVE 28%
Grohe Adagio 6 Litre Cistern, Flush Pipe & Connector Bottom Inlet
£54.00 RRP: £78.00
SAVE 31%
Grohe Dal Adagio 6/3 Litre Dual Flush Cistern (Side Filling) & Button
£67.68 RRP: £100.80
SAVE 33%
Grohe Dal Adagio 6/3 Litre Dual Flush Cistern (Bottom Filling) & Button
£67.68 RRP: £100.80
SAVE 33%
Grohe Adagio Flushing Cistern for WC & Air Button
£78.48 RRP: £118.80
SAVE 34%
Grohe EAU2 6/3 Litre Dual Flush Cistern & Button
£92.88 RRP: £142.80
SAVE 35%
Geberit Kappa Concealed Dual Flush Cistern - White
£116.34 RRP: £152.64
SAVE 24%
Grohe Concealed Cistern for 820mm High Fixing Frame - White
£120.54 RRP: £226.80
SAVE 47%
Geberit Sigma Dual Flush Concealed Cistern for Sigma Flush Plates - White
£122.09 RRP: £160.68
SAVE 24%
Grohe GD2 6/3 Litre Front Dual Flush Cistern & Flushpipe
£150.47 RRP: £238.80
SAVE 37%
Geberit Sigma Concealed Cistern 8cm Up720 With Front Actuation - White
£153.92 RRP: £205.21
SAVE 25%
Inta Infrared WC 6 Litre Flush Battery Operated, White
£325.21 RRP: £519.17
SAVE 37%
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