Technical Guides

While the technical stuff is often best left to the experts, sometimes there are simple things that you can easily do yourself with the right guide. Here we share our expert knowledge to help you ensure that your bathroom is always running as smoothly as it can.

Bleeding your radiators is a task we should all perform but often forget to do so. Over time

Grout is an essential part of any tiled bathroom, binding your tiles together and keeping your room

Shower baths are currently enjoying a rapid growth in popularity, as an ever-greater number of

With a wide variety of traditional manual showers and the more recently innovated thermostatic

Electric showers are currently one of the most popular types of shower due to their ease of

A mixer shower, as its name suggests, mixes a hot and cold water supply in a valve to reach your

When installing any new plumbing appliances in your house, it's important to understand the water

In recent years, there has been an increasing shift in the market towards aluminium radiators

Since the phasing out of traditional incandescent bulbs in 2011, consumers have faced a difficult