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Our phone lines are down at the moment due to power failure, please contact us via chat or email. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Shower Trays

Shower trays come in a range of different shapes and sizes, including quadrant, square, rectangular and even pentagonal designs. In recent years, low profile shower trays have become more popular amongst UK homes, because of the smaller step required to enter and exit the enclosure. Also known as shower pans or shower bases, we list over 1000 different variations on our site, so it is fair to say we should have something to suit your needs.

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Choosing the Right Shower Tray

Whether you call it a shower tray, a shower base or a shower pan, this is the item which you combine with a shower screen or door and stand in when you're having your morning wash. Choosing the right type of tray can be bewildering - we've more than 1000 different trays in stock, and so we've broken our range into various categories to help narrow your decision.

Browse through the different product categories on our website, from simple square shower trays in a variety of sizes to walk in shower trays for wet rooms and all of the kits and accessories needed for your stunning new shower installation. And it goes without saying that all of our products offer you superb value for money.

Rectangular Trays

One of the most popular types of shower trays on the market, the beauty of a rectangular tray is that it works so well with both modern and traditional bathroom design. Rectangular trays come in a variety of sizes, so start by measuring the space you have available to help you decide which size of tray is most appropriate.

As well as standard shower trays which are raised off the floor, we also stock low profile trays which sit closer to the floor and give a more streamlined appearance. Trays are also made from a variety of materials including hardwearing acrylic, or the more luxury feel of stone resin. Match our range of rectangular trays with door and wastes from our extensive value for money range.

Square Trays

A simple square shower base is one of those products which works equally well in traditional and contemporary bathroom design, and which can be combined with a huge range of different styles of shower doors to make your ideal shower enclosure. We stock trays in all main dimensions and sizes, in lightweight and durable acrylic, high-end stone resin and also trays suitable for use in wet rooms.

Whether you are looking for a shower base to use with an existing enclosure or putting together a whole new bathroom, there are plenty of trays here to choose from. We have a strong focus on budget too, and have worked hard to bring you the best choice of square shower trays on the internet, all offering great value for money.

Quadrant Trays

The curved shape of the quadrant shower tray is one of the most popular ways of saving space in the bathroom, as the quarter circle design allows you to slot the base into the corner of the room. Not all quadrant shower trays look the same though, and our range has a variety of different sizes and finishes of trays to suit every modern British home.

Browse through some of the best-selling brands such as Aqualux, MX and Coram, and just imagine how a new shower could transform your bathroom. Right and left handed variations of most trays are also available, which let you choose the best combination of tray for your existing plumbing. We strive to make our prices as competitive as possible, and have created a range which is range to beat.

Offset Quadrant Trays

The offset quadrant shower tray is the stretched out version of the standard quadrant tray, giving a larger showering space but still offering a design which maximises floor space in the family bathroom. Offset quadrant trays come in a wide range of sizes and with the waste outlet to either the right or the left – the perfect combination of size and material is just out there waiting for you. Match one of our extensive range of trays with a compatible shower enclosure to create the ideal shower for the family needs.

Whether you are looking for a lightweight and durable acrylic shower tray, or one with the designer look and made from stone resin, our range has it all. Your only difficulty will be deciding which one of our trays is the best – we have over 200 offset quadrant trays to choose from, all offering superb value for money.

Pentagonal Trays

Five-sided pentagonal shower trays are just the thing if you want something a little different for your home. Fitting neatly into a corner while simultaneously maximising showering space, the pentagonal shower tray is available in a range of sizes to accommodate all needs. Low profile options are also available, and these can help give a more streamlined appearance to your room.

Unlike most shower trays which are only available in white, we also stock pentagonal shower trays in slate effect to make an even greater design impact. If you've wondered how to fit a shower cabinet in your home then a pentagonal tray could be the ideal solution, and given the superb value for money which our range offers, it's an opportunity to get the designer look without the designer prices.

Walk In Trays

Wet rooms are growing in popularity and part of the appeal of a wet room is that there is nothing on the floor to interfere with the smooth and uncluttered lines. Walk-in shower trays sit flush with the floor rather than being raised up. This level with the floor feature also makes walk-in shower trays a great choice for people with mobility issues or for families with small children.

Available in a range of sizes and with the waste to either the right or left, it's easy to find the perfect walk-in shower tray for the space you have available. Choose acrylic if you're looking for something lightweight and durable, or one of our unusual slate effect trays if you want a tray to match with a darker coloured floor.

Shower Traps and Wastes

Any shower tray installation isn't complete without the waste – the plumbing piece which takes the waste water from the shower and sends it into the waste water pipes. Many waste units also contain a trap which traps hair and other debris, and which stops your drains becoming clogged. The type of waste you will need will depend on your shower tray, so we'll guide you through the type of waste needed on the product pages. As wastes and traps are sold separately, this also means you can but a new waste as a replacement for a broken one.

Our extensive range of wastes ensures that there is the perfect product for every shower and tray, and we've worked hard to ensure that everything offers great value for money.

Riser Kits

Shower trays have to be raised above floor level so that gravity can help the water drain away, and these kits contain both the feet to support the trays and the side panels to conceal the underside of the tray and give a professional appearance. Simply follow the manufacturer's instructions by adjusting the feet to the correct level, and checking with a spirit level to ensure a stable finish.

Compatible with a range of different shower trays and brands, our range of riser kits will make installing your new shower a very straightforward task. We know how important it is to be focused on budget, so we're sure you'll agree that all our range offers great value.

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