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Our phone lines are down at the moment due to power failure, please contact us via chat or email. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Wet Room Floor Formers and Trays

The wet room is the pinnacle of designer bathroom design, and it's fantastic from a practical standpoint too. Nothing beats simply walking into the bathroom and switching on the shower, with no doors or climbing into the bath ever again. Our range of super-thin wet room floor formers and trays help you create the perfect wet room that both looks spectacular and is highly practical.

Choose from a range from well-respected manufacturers in wet room technology; such as the incredibly strong DuraForm formers from AKW or Impey, both of which can be laid directly onto joists for ease of installation. Other formers may use an extruded form that requires additional support, also known as under-boarding. All formers have a gradient that will quickly drain water away, creating a watertight wet room for you to enjoy every day.

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What is a Wet Room Former?

Wet rooms forego traditional shower trays, instead of having floors and walls that are completely waterproof to provide a seamless showering experience. By waterproofing the entire room, there is no need for a shower tray or screen, though many people still opt to install a screen to avoid water spreading outside of the shower area. While the benefits of choosing a wet room instead of shower enclosure are numerous, it inevitably results in more work during installation. In addition to waterproofing the floor and walls, it is vital that the floor has an appropriate gradient to encourage water to flow down the drain. Wet room formers greatly simplify this process by providing a base with a gradient, helping you have confidence that water will not pool on your floor. Wet room floor former complete kits include most of the materials you'll need to begin installing your shower area with a former tray and tanking liquid or membrane. Formers are strong and durable, able to easily bear the weight of both tiles and users without being weakened. A number of formers also include drains and wastes, ensuring you have the appropriate piece to match your former tray after laying tiles or panels on top of it.

What are Modular Floor Former Kits?

While there are numerous wet room floor former trays, it would be nearly impossible to offer trays with enough different gradients to meet the needs of every wet room. Modular floor former kits tackle this issue by creating different gradients depending on your configuration. Modular floor formers such as those offered by Impey have a colour coded design, letting the installer know the gradient of the new surface before placing tiles or boards. These formers are designed for use with tiles or floor panels, making them a suitable choice for the vast majority of wet rooms. In the hands of a professional, modular former kits are said to reduce installation time of a wet room floor by as much as half. You can also be confident that a properly configured modular former kit will result in efficient drainage, keeping your new wet room clear of pools of water, making it cleaner and safer. It's important to be sure that you have the proper former kit for your project; consulting your installer before buying will mean you can be confident in your choice of product.

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