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AKW Bathroom Taps

AKW understand that a task such as turning a tap should be simple and that, for many, it is all too difficult. That is why they've ensured that their taps are suitable for everyone and can be operated with the minimum amount of force. They offer a range of lever taps which can be turned with the palm or elbow, perfect for users with limited dexterity.

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BTU Calculator

Below is a tool that can enable you to calculate the BTU requirements needed for your room.

There are many factors that affect this calculation including the outdoor temperature, thickness of exterior walls and the quality of insulation installed. You should also ensure you have a boiler that is capable of generating necessary output for all of the radiators in your property.

Our BTU calculator should be used as a guide only, the actual BTU requirements may be slightly different to what our calculator will produce. If you need further help, please contact us.

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