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Our phone lines are down at the moment due to power failure, please contact us via chat or email. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

AKW Medicare

For 28 years, AKW Medicare have been supplying the British market with a high-quality source of accessibility products that make accessing and using a bathroom a lot safer and easier for elderly and disabled people. They are pure innovators in this sector, ensuring that everyone has the best access that they require at all times.

Below you'll find cutting-edge accessibility technology from a proven market leader in accessibility products. Cost-effective equipment includes doc m packs, wet floor equipment and more, all to create the most efficient and safe bathroom environment possible.

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Learn more about AKW Medicare

AKW are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to taking care of accessibility in and around the home. With a can do attitude, that really cares for the user of their products, AKW Medicare are known throughout the UK for their safe, stylish and affordable solutions. Learn more about the company in the following video.

Who are AKW?

AKW Medicare was founded in 1982 by Anthony Keith Webb as a small Worcestershire business and has expanded into an industry leader over the past three and a half decades. Webb was motivated to launch his new company after facing great difficulty in finding a suitable shower tray for his elderly mother, recognising that he could fulfil a widespread need by manufacturing his own range. AKW now produce accessibility equipment for any room where it's needed, from the bathroom to the kitchen, and are a key supplier for residential homes, public businesses and everywhere else. They boast a catalogue of over 4000 products, ensuring you'll always be able to find exactly the item you require for your new build or retrofit. The company now employs over 260 people and Anthony Webb's personal principles are still the driving force behind their operation, improving quality of independent life with stylish, functional designs.

AKW Showers

AKW provide a range of showers and shower areas to fulfil your needs. With an emphasis on safety and accessibility, this equipment is of the highest quality and can be adapted to fit any space. Their shower trays feature the best non slip surfaces available and quickly drain water to ensure they're as safe as possible. A wide selection of shower cubicles, shower doors and screens offer the chance to create your perfect enclosure, wherever you decide to install it. The range includes trays suitable for corners and alcoves, and each product's description includes details of which surfaces they can be fitted onto, eliminating any confusion when buying. AKW are committed to style as well as function and their shower range is designed with this in mind, meaning your new additions will not look out of place in any modern or traditional bathroom.

AKW Toilets and Washbasins

AKW's range of toilets is ideal for anyone struggling to use their existing bathroom. With a variety of heights available to meet any customer's accessibility requirements, their sleek and simple designs are ideal for modern and traditional rooms alike. Easily operated flushes and taps allow operation by those with limited dexterity and can be used with the palm of the hand or an elbow, avoiding the need for a gripping action. Bidet seats add an extra level of functionality to toilets, providing another level of assistance to those who encounter physical difficulty with their hygiene. These seats are easily attached to an existing toilet, thus providing a quick upgrade that can greatly improve the quality of independent life for the disabled and elderly. For a complete toilet solution, "Doc M" packs include a toilet, wash basin and a number of grab rails depending on your chosen package.

AKW Bathroom Accessibility

A variety of grab rails are available from AKW, transforming any bathroom into one that is friendly to anybody with mobility problems. These include the traditional rails that are ideal for a clean looking bathroom in a home, business or assisted living, available in either white or blue to fit your chosen aesthetic. "Velena" and "1200 Series" rails are sleek design choices, adding glamour to your accessibility equipment and meshing perfectly with the other gleaming metal in a modern bathroom. To improve support without unnecessarily intruding into the rest of the room, consider the "1800 Series" fold up grab rail. Whether you only require one rail or several, AKW have a solution that complies with every current safety regulation so you can navigate your bathroom with confidence.

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