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AKW Toilets and Cisterns

AKW's range of raised toilet pans are perfect for those who struggle with getting onto an ordinary toilet and their height allows for side transfer. They also feature screw down cistern lids for added safety and security, allowing users to hold the rear of the toilet for support. AKW understand that these small changes can make a major difference in the everyday lives of their customers.

AKW 460S Raised Height Close Coupled Toilet WC Pan 650mm Projection
£115.40 RRP: £197.88
SAVE 42%
AKW Livenza Wall Hung Toilet - Standard Seat
£160.95 RRP: £232.29
SAVE 31%
AKW 460U Raised Height Back to Wall Toilet WC Pan
AKW Stilo Wall Hung Toilet, 530mm Projection, Soft Close Seat
£180.97 RRP: £297.90
SAVE 39%
AKW Low Level Cistern with Screw Down Lid including Flush Handle
£25.24 RRP: £43.28
SAVE 42%
AKW Livenza Close Coupled Toilet - Push Button Cistern - Standard Seat
£114.95 RRP: £165.50
SAVE 31%
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