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Radiators are now an essential part of modern life that we've come to rely on. While relaxing in front of a crackling fire is wonderful, it's hard to deny that the convenience of a radiator to heat our homes is what gets most of us through those chilly winter months. Aside from a choice of heat output, the brilliant thing about radiators is the many different styles available. We stock a huge variety to ensure that your personal tastes are always catered for.

From high-end designer ranges with ultra-contemporary models to standard flat panel radiators, there's one that will easily fit the modern home. For those with a more traditional taste, period models such as cast-iron or column radiators will give your home that classy, timeless style. Our range is the most comprehensive on the Internet!

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Different Types of Radiators

Radiators have developed and advanced hugely since they were first invented. They are designed for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. It is important to remember that not all radiators are designed to be eco-friendly but many are purely for design and aesthetic purposes.

The output of a radiator depends on the size and power of the radiator, if you have a small room then a small radiator will be sufficient but for a bigger room, a larger radiator will be more appropriate.

Some of the main types of radiators are:

Compact radiators - These are perfect for rooms with limited space, and also have the benefit of factory fitted top grills and end panels. Making compact radiators attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Traditional Radiator - Not as popular as the more modern and space saving options available on the market, however, there is still some demand for these styles despite being bulky and taking up a large portion of the wall space.

Towel Radiator - This type of radiator is usually connected to the central heating system, but there are other options available. A towel radiator will not only heat towels but has the added bonus of also heating the room it is installed in. These are multi-tasking radiators, therefore more economical and offer great value for money. Tubular towel rails are also incredibly favoured and are available in a range of colours, sizes and styles.

Flat Panel Radiators - Flat panel radiators offer a simple yet modern design and have become very popular over the last few years as people look for a more sleeker, aesthetic style in their homes. Thanks to an increased surface area some flat panel rads can be more efficient to run than standard radiators.

Low Surface Temperature Radiators - This type of radiator was designed at first under NHS guidelines and do not exceed 43°C. They are generally found within healthcare buildings and hospitals. Low Surface Temperature Radiators are also becoming increasingly popular in nurseries and children's bedrooms.

These are just some of the different types of radiators that we stock and are available today for purchase.

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