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AKW Wetroom Tanking Kits

AKW's tanking kits are perfect for waterproofing any surface that will be exposed to moisture, converting any room into a wet room. They are suitable for use on timber, masonry, plasterboard, concrete, tile backer boards and gypsum and greatly increase your available area to install plumbing equipment.

AKW Mapelastic Aquadefense 7.5kg Tanking Kit 4 Hours Drying Time
£104.95 RRP: £136.37
SAVE 23%
AKW FormSafe Wetroom Tanking Kit 5m sq
£193.95 RRP: £282.02
SAVE 31%
AKW FormSafe Wetroom Tanking Kit 10m sq
£299.95 RRP: £647.77
SAVE 54%
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