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Bathroom Furniture Combination Units

A combination unit consists of a back-to-wall toilet and vanity unit, usually positioned together to help save space and create a co-ordinating look. Perfect for smaller bathrooms where space-saving is vital, these units offer storage via the vanity unit, as well as other practical capabilities through the WC and basin. Often available in white, some combo units now come in a wood veneer for a more modern appeal.

Premier Saturn Combination Furniture Pack 400mm Vanity Unit 500mm WC Unit 1 Tap Hole
£186.95 RRP: £339.00
SAVE 45%
Duchy Gem WC and Vanity Combination Unit 950mm Wide White 1 Tap Hole
£276.55 RRP: £494.63
SAVE 44%
Cali Futura WC Basin Pack with D Shape Toilet Pan and Seat - Gloss White
£292.94 RRP: £635.82
SAVE 54%
Cali Maze L Shaped Combination Unit with Left Handed Basin - 1085mm Wide - Medium Oak
£309.48 RRP: £659.84
SAVE 53%
Cali Maze L Shaped Combination Unit with Right Handed Basin - 1085mm Wide - Medium Oak
£309.48 RRP: £659.84
SAVE 53%
Cali Ria Combination Unit with Right Handed Basin - 1000mm Wide - Gloss White
£309.51 RRP: £660.12
SAVE 53%
Cali Ria Combination Unit with Left Handed Basin - 1000mm Wide - Gloss White
£309.51 RRP: £660.12
SAVE 53%
Cali Futura WC Basin Pack with Daisy Lou Toilet Pan and Seat - Gloss White
£340.94 RRP: £755.06
SAVE 55%

Your Guide to Bathroom Furniture Combination Units

A combination unit when you’re talking about bathroom furniture means one unit which combines storage space, sink and toilet. The main advantage which a combination unit has over separate items of furniture is that a single unit takes up a lot less space, making it the ideal choice for the smaller than average bathroom, en-suite or downstairs loo. If you’re thinking about revamping your bathroom in the near future and using a combination unit then here’s what you need to know before you start shopping.

Style Choices

Taste is a very personal matter, and there is no one style of bathroom furniture combination unit which is better than any other. It does sometimes however make sense to match the style of bathroom fixtures and fittings to the style in the rest of the house, so keep the ultra-modern designs for newer houses for example. Colour is also very much personal preference, and as well as the classic white finish of most bathroom furniture, modern combination units are available in wood or coloured finishes too. Will these date like the avocado and maroon bathroom suites of the 70s? Who knows. White is probably the safest choice, but impact can be created with some of the more unusual bathroom furniture colours.


It’s always important to set a budget for a project and then stick to it to avoid costs spiralling out of control. However much or little you have set aside for your bathroom renovation project there will be a combination unit to suit, and remember that these units are usually much better value than buying toilet, sink and storage separately. Larger combination units are also available for a streamlined look in a bigger bathroom.

Space Available

One of the best things about combination units is their space saving properties, and although they can be compact, you’ll still need to measure the space in your bathroom before making an impulse purchase. Consider also where your existing plumbing is – if you can use existing pipes leading to a toilet and sink to incorporate a bathroom combination unit this is going to be much quicker and cheaper to do than a full scale bathroom reorganisation. Unless you’re putting your combination unit in a cloakroom, you should think about leaving space for a bath or shower too. Take advice from the professionals if you’re struggling with your bathroom layout.


Most bathroom combination units incorporate some sort of storage, either cupboards or drawers. How much storage do you have in the bathroom already and how much additional space do you need? What are you hoping to store in your cupboard space – bulky items like towels, or smaller toiletries bottles? Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your new combination unit and knowing what you expect to be able to do with it should make your shopping trip much easier and more straightforward.

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