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A toilet is an essential part of everyday life so when choosing one, it's wise to get the one that's right for you. Our extensive range has been laid out to enable you to find the perfect one to suit your needs and of course the style of bathroom that you have.

Close coupled toilets are by far the most popular design, including a pan, cistern and toilet seat. However, back-to-wall and corner variations are becoming a much more modern alternative for bathrooms and cloakrooms with little space. We also stock a collection of specialist toilets for a range of different requirements, such as raised height requirements and special needs.

Close Coupled Toilets

Currently the most popular toilet design, these units combine a pan and a cistern that are 'coupled' together directly and can be installed almost anywhere. The cistern is as much a feature of the toilet's appearance as the pan, allowing for a wide variety of different overall appearances, whether you prefer curved edges or sharper, more angular corners. The increased popularity of close coupled toilets is linked to the decreasing number of gravity-fed plumbing systems in the UK. Toilets on pumped systems do not require an elevated cistern to feature a powerful flush, making these a choice that is practical for an increasing number of homes.

Back to Wall Toilets

Back to wall toilets are designed to be installed in direct contact with a vertical surface, concealing the cistern and other pipework by placing them behind a wall. They are an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms, maximising your floor space while functioning in the same way as traditional toilets. If you don't have the necessary wall space to install your cistern, a number of WC units offer a stylish alternative by enclosing it within a variety of different unit designs. WC units have the added benefit of creating some extra shelf space on top of the unit. As an increasingly popular choice in modern bathrooms, there are now many styles of toilet pan with matching wash basins for a sense of visual continuity in your bathroom.

Wall Hung Toilets

The ultimate in minimalistic style, wall hung toilets feature a toilet pan that is attached to a wall without touching the floor. The cistern and other pipes are concealed in the wall, resulting in a sleek appearance that is great for domestic and commercial bathrooms alike. The flush is controlled by a flush handle or button on the wall, integrating seamlessly into its surroundings. Thanks to their small profile, these toilets don't occupy much space in your room, making them a great choice for smaller areas or making the most of a larger space. There are curved and square designs available, letting you significantly alter the mood of a room with your choice of toilet pan. Their stylish appearance and the hygiene benefits of fewer surfaces make wall hung toilets ideal for private and commercial properties alike.

High and Low Level Toilets

A staple of bathrooms for many years, high and low level toilets feature a cistern that is placed in an elevated position above the pan, connected by a flushpipe. When the flush is used, gravity forces water down from the cistern at an accelerated rate, resulting in a more powerful flush than would otherwise be possible in a gravity-fed plumbing system. They aren't as much of a necessity as part of a modern, pumped system, which already has greater flushing power. However, a stylish high level toilet and chain flush will add a vintage touch to any bathroom, making them a beautiful choice for renovation projects. Increasingly rare, these toilets make an attention-grabbing addition to any home.


A set of urinals is a great addition to any busy toilet space, such as those at offices and gyms. With options to buy individually or as part of a set, urinals offer an affordable, space-efficient and hygienic solution for commercial toilet needs. For installing a greater number or urinals with a minimal amount of plumbing work, the "Vitra" three, four and five unit groups allow you to install an entire urinal system that is guaranteed to function perfectly.

Water Saving

Dual-flush toilets are a great way of saving water, controlled by two push buttons that activate either a regular or more powerful flush, depending on your needs. They ensure you'll only ever use the water you need; there's no need to use a stronger flush to remove a single piece of toilet paper. Over time, the difference in water use with a dual-flush toilet is significant. Pressure assisted toilets are a more costly alternative to install but will also help you save water. Pressurised air is used as part of the flushing process, resulting in a more powerful flush while also reducing water usage.

BTU Calculator

Below is a tool that can enable you to calculate the BTU requirements needed for your room.

There are many factors that affect this calculation including the outdoor temperature, thickness of exterior walls and the quality of insulation installed. You should also ensure you have a boiler that is capable of generating necessary output for all of the radiators in your property.

Our BTU calculator should be used as a guide only, the actual BTU requirements may be slightly different to what our calculator will produce. If you need further help, please contact us.

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