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Disabled Shower Cubicles

Finding the space for a disabled shower has always been one of the biggest challenges facing a person when trying to make their home more accessible. These disabled shower cubicles allow you to install a complete shower enclosure that is easily installed into any room, letting you add a convenient and watertight shower area in a bedroom or anywhere else. With easy access, efficient design, sturdy construction and strong, easy to use handles, these cubicles can transform a property and greatly increase the independence enjoyed by their user. Standalone cubicles can be installed almost anywhere, avoiding the need for more significant modifications to your home where bathroom access is impossible. They are also easily moved, adding to their versatility and making them easily removed if you want to sell your property. Their low height makes them ideal for use with a wheelchair ramp and easy to enter for anyone else with limited mobility. If you want to make the most of your available space, a "ShowerLoo" lets you install a toilet inside your shower cubicle. This toilet can then double as a shower seat. Shower units and toilets are not included in your purchase but they can be added to your order to ensure you have everything you need. All of AKW's disabled shower cubicles include a lifetime guarantee, meaning they can be a permanent addition to your property.

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