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Disabled Bathrooms

We have one of the most wide-ranging selections of disabled and accessible bathrooms available online, designed to be cost-effective as well as fit for purpose. For a simple bathroom or shower room transformation into a compliant disabled space, choose a low level shower tray and half-height doors.

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A Guide to Disabled Bathrooms

We're proud to stock one of the largest internet ranges of bathroom products specifically designed for people with a disability. Whether you are shopping for products to adapt a bathroom at home or looking for products for a commercial establishment we stock everything you'll need, from grab rails to toilet plinths and accessible shower cubicles. Our Doc M packs have been put together to conform to the latest Building Regulations concerned with standards in accessible bathrooms, and are of the highest quality.

Whether you're looking for a couple of simple items to make life easier for one member of the family, or an entire accessible bathroom kit, we have the entire range. We've not compromised on quality but have worked hard to make sure that we've struck the perfect balance between quality and value for money prices. Below is a handy guide to help you understand what each specialist product is for.

Doc M Packs

Doc M refers to Building Regulations Document M, which lays out the specifications for a toilet for disabled use. These regulations apply to commercial and residential properties alike, and a Doc M pack has pulled together all the elements which you need to adapt your bathroom and conform to current standards. The main items you'll find in in your Doc M pack is a thermostatic mixer tap to prevent users from scalding themselves, a basin, a raised level toilet for extra comfort and grab rails.

Value for money is guaranteed with any of our Doc M packs, all of which have a superb balance between quality and price. You'll find products from the big manufacturers such as Premier and AKW, all of which have been designed to meet your specific needs and provide reliable service for years to come.

Comfort Height Toilets

One of the key components of an adapted bathroom is a toilet which has been raised to a higher level than a standard toilet, making sitting far easier for people with some disabilities. Also of huge assistance to older people, this type of toilet can be easily integrated into either a fully adapted bathroom or into the standard family bathroom or shower room. Our extensive range of comfort height toilets proves that there is no need for a compromise on quality and style, and these well-designed items will blend in effortlessly with any bathroom design.

Our range also includes toilets from the major brands in the market such as RAK, Prestige and Ideal Standard, all offering the highest quality with great value for money prices. Many are part of a larger range and so mixing and matching to create the perfect combination for your bathroom is simple.

Special Needs Basins

Our range of special needs basins are designed specifically for easier access and ease of use. These types of basins are usually deeper and more often than not wall hung, to allow a wheelchair user to get as close as they need to. The height of the basin will need to be considered carefully before installation to allow for easy access. Each washbasin has been manufactured in accordance with the required safety measures and standards.

Of course, selecting the right tap for these basins is just as important as you will need to ensure it is easy to operate for the user and we have a selected range to choose from to help you make that decision.

Disabled Showering

More UK households than ever have a family member with a disability, and the ageing population means that this number is only going to increase in the future. There is an extensive choice of different options for shower cubicles which are adapted for disabled use, so whatever your individual circumstances and needs you will be able to find the ideal combination of products.

Our range doesn't just comprise the obvious adaptations which might be required in an accessible bathroom such as shower seats and screens, we also stock a full range of shower cubicles which have been specially designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities and which can be installed in any shape and size of bathroom. Special shower cabinets make access far easier, and the wider door even enables wheelchairs to be taken right into the shower. The combination of different products which we offer make designing your perfect bathroom easy, and given the outstanding value for money, your new bathroom won't cost the earth either.

Rectangular Baths with Grips

One of the simplest adaptations to make a standard bathroom suitable for older relatives or people with disabilities is fitting a bath with integrated grips. These baths do not have that “hospital” look which is so often associated with adapted bathroom equipment, but the pre-drilled grip handles make getting in and out of the bath safely so much easier. This type of bath is also very useful when bathing small children.

Our extensive range of baths includes all the big brand names, and this type of bath is no exception. Designed for style as well as for function, you have the freedom to choose a bath which will fit in with your bathroom's design style as well as with your personal taste. Function and style all rolled into one, at prices that are hard to beat.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Sometimes abbreviated to TMVs or known as blending valves, these valves mix both hot and cold water and ensure that it comes out of the tap at a perfect temperature. This greatly reduces the risks of scalding, and as such, thermostatic mixing valves are installed as standard in public and commercial buildings such as hospitals and schools. Installing one at home on a bath or sink can also eliminate this risk for children or older members of the family.

Thermostatic mixing valves are easy to install and can be used with many different types of taps and plumbing fittings. Our range includes products from the big names like Bristan and Intamix, all of which offer very high product quality mixed with good value for money.

Grab Rails

The simplest adaptations are often the best and this is certainly the case with our extensive range of bathroom grab rails. When carefully positioned, these can transform the way in which elderly or disabled members of the family can use the bathroom, promoting independence and personal dignity. Our range has rails of all different sizes and colours, allowing you to choose the perfect combination of rails for your bathroom.

Carefully positioned grab rails by the toilet, bath or sink can help people with mobility issues move around the bathroom, and the rigid nature of their construction means they won't come loose. So high is the quality of these items that they are approved for commercial as well as residential use.

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