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Hudson Reed Baths

The Hudson Reed range of free-standing baths are a must have for a modern bathroom suite. With their contemporary design and bold statement, they are sure to be the focal point of any bathroom. The Hudson Reed have three amazing free-standing baths in their range: there's the Hudson Reed Alice, the Hudson Reed Purity and of course the brand new Hudson Reed Aruba bath. Bathe in luxury knowing that each of the Hudson Reed baths come supplied with leg sets, have a high gloss and smooth sanitary grade Lucite Acrylic 1st layer giving it a solid colour that will not rub off or fade over time. Hudson Reed promise to deliver a bath to you that is strong and robust, that even has a thermal layer to ensure that your water stays hotter for longer, a must have for reducing those hot water bills. Each Hudson Reed bath has a 5 year guarantee, allowing you to soak in its glory and relish in the confidence that Hudson Reed have in their product.

Hudson Reed Dahlia Corner Bath and Panel - Left Handed
£338.57 RRP: £625.20
SAVE 46%
Hudson Reed Dahlia Corner Bath and Panel - Right Handed
£338.57 RRP: £625.20
SAVE 46%
Hudson Reed Alice Freestanding Slipper Bath 1740mm x 800mm Double Ended
£668.95 RRP: £1,288.00
SAVE 48%
Hudson Reed Aruba Freestanding Bath, 1800mm x 800mm, White
£707.95 RRP: £1,063.00
SAVE 33%
Hudson Reed Purity Freestanding Bath, 1750mm x 830mm, White
£749.95 RRP: £1,063.00
SAVE 29%
Hudson Reed Grace Freestanding Bath 1510mm x 760mm - White
Hudson Reed Rose Freestanding Bath 1510mm x 760mm - White
Hudson Reed Bella Freestanding Bath 1495mm x 721mm - White
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