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Hudson Reed Wet Room Screens

Hudson Reed's exhilarating range of wet room glass screens takes inspiration from continental trends and offers you the chance to create a luxury wet room within your bathroom. Standing at an impressive 1950mm high, these screens are manufactured from 8mm toughened safety glass, placing them towards the top-end of the spectrum when it comes to quality. The wet room screens in this collection are treated with ShowerShield - a protective coating that helps to keep the glass looking cleaner and newer for longer - generally reducing the frequency of cleaning the unit by around 50-70%. All of these exciting features, coupled with Hudson Reed's exceptional lifetime guarantee on this collection, makes these wet room screens a must-buy for anyone who wants to transform their bathroom into a wet room.

These glass panels are supplied singularly, and come with an L-shaped 90 degree horizontal support arm as standard. They are suitable for combining with other panels to create an entire walk-in enclosure, and suitable fixings for this are available as optional extras beneath each screen. The look can be customised further, with a floor-to-ceiling pole available instead of the standard support arm. Further optional extras include a return panel - either a fixed 215mm screen or a hinged 300mm panel - that can be added onto the larger screens. Please note - these return panels are not suitable for installing standalone.

All of these wet room screens can be installed directly onto a wet room floor (we recommend using an optional support foot in this circumstance) or onto a low-level shower tray which could also be recessed into the floor for a wet room look. Hudson Reed offer a collection of walk-in shower trays that are designed to complement these panels, with a drying area compartment, but other standard shower trays can also be used. If you are looking for some advice on creating your very own Hudson Reed walk-in enclosure, get in touch and we'll be happy to help specify what pieces are required for your dream wet room!

Hudson Reed Hinged Wet Room Return Panel 300mm Wide - 8mm Glass
£80.95 RRP: £124.29
SAVE 35%
Hudson Reed Wet Room Screen with Support Bar 700mm Wide - 8mm Glass
£132.95 RRP: £172.00
SAVE 23%
Hudson Reed Wet Room Screen with Support Bar 1200mm Wide - 8mm Glass
£175.49 RRP: £269.00
SAVE 35%
Hudson Reed Wet Room Screen with Support Bar 800mm Wide - 8mm Glass
£182.95 RRP: £226.00
SAVE 19%
Hudson Reed Wet Room Screen with Support Bar 900mm Wide - 8mm Glass
£184.95 RRP: £237.00
SAVE 22%
Hudson Reed Wet Room Screen with Support Bar 1000mm Wide - 8mm Glass
£196.95 RRP: £247.00
SAVE 20%
Hudson Reed Wet Room Screen with Support Bar 1400mm Wide - 8mm Glass
£213.76 RRP: £312.00
SAVE 31%
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