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Ideal Standard Basins

Even the smallest downstairs cloakroom needs a basin for handwashing,and if you're in the market for a new basin then the Ideal Standard range is a good place to start.The first thing to remember is that Ideal Standard have been producing basins,baths and other bathroom furniture for over a century,and over that time they've honed their manufacturing technique to guarantee quality.Also,Ideal Standard produces several ranges of basins to account for differences in taste and bathroom style,guaranteeing that the perfect basin is out there waiting for you to click on it.

If lack of space is an issue in your bathroom or cloakroom at home, check out the Studio range,designed to fit perfectly into smaller spaces.If high-end design is important,you might prefer the Jasper Morrison range. There really is something for everyone,so browse around and picture these basins in your home.Remember too that we stock a wide range of compatible items to allow you to pull together you ideal bathroom configuration.

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