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Ideal Standard

One of the biggest names in the world of bathroom design, the Ideal Standard range comprises everything from baths and toilets to bath screens, bidets and special packs of furniture designed for accessible bathrooms. Ideal Standard is all about quality of design and simplicity; this is a brand which is at home in either a modern new build or a 500 year old cottage. The sheer size of our Ideal Standard range ensures that there is a range for everyone, so why not take a look and see how some of the products would fit into your home?

Whether you're shopping for a residential property, office or other type of commercial establishment, Ideal Standard products deliver quality design at great value for money prices. Ideal Standard is a world leading brand with an exceptional product range, and we're delighted to have such an extensive variety of their products to offer you.

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Who is Ideal Standard?

Design, function, and style are linked to Ideal Standard and their 100-year history in the industry.

Over the years, they have been at the forefront of innovation within the industry, which has positioned them as being front runners. They have also made sure that they focus on modern living, how things have changed over the years, how family life has changed and what this means for bathroom design and functionality.

Have peace of mind with the Ideal Standard guarantee

Whether it is bathing or showering, when it comes to buying things for your bathroom, you want to make sure that you have made the right investment. This is why Ideal Standard are proud to offer their guarantee across their entire range of products. This includes:

  • A lifetime guarantee on all ceramic products
  • 25-year guarantee on acrylic bath and shower trays
  • 10-year guarantee on shower enclosures, wet room panels and bath screens
  • 5-year guarantee on showers, bath panels, furniture, taps and mixers, cistern fittings and toilet seats

They also offer a clean glass coating for their products, which has a 1-year guarantee applied.

Based in the UK

Based right here in the UK, Ideal Standard will provide you with the level of quality that has become synonymous with the UK and its work within the bathroom industry. This not only ensures that you will receive the best quality possible with whatever you buy, but it also ensures that you are getting the best design and style too. The exact combination that you are going to want to have in your home.

Showering Options

When it comes to getting ready quickly and easily, you need to have one thing in your home is a shower. Ideal Standard offers a wide range of showering options and solutions that can ensure that your bathroom is exactly what you need whilst looking exactly like you want it to.

Their showering range covers a wide range of aspects of installing a shower into your bathroom, which includes:

  • Shower Doors
  • Complete Shower Kits
  • Shower Valves
  • Bath screens

Ideal Standard ensures that they offer a solution for every bathroom style and for every shape and size too. They also work with various budgets, which means that no matter what money you have to spare, you can find a solution to your shower needs.

Bathing Options

Whilst many people will want to have a shower in their home, there are also plenty of people who will prefer to have the option to have a bath too, especially if you have younger children. Ideal Standard knows how important it is to find the right bath solution for your needs, which is why they have created their bath collection.

You can choose from standard shaped and sized baths, spacemaker baths and also arc baths too. All to make sure that you have the right solution to the size and shape of your bathroom.

Their collection also includes bath screens, which means that you can transform your bath into a shower/bath mix.

Baths can also be bought as a part of a wider bathroom suite, which means that everything that you need for your bathroom can be purchased in the same style and at the same level of quality too.


Toilets are so often overlooked when it comes to putting together your bathroom; however, let's face it, without a toilet, you will be a little stuck! This is why Ideal Standard take great pride in offering both high-quality toilets and bidets.

This includes close-coupled toilets, those that are back to the wall, as well as those that are wall hung. You can choose from standard flushing toilets and those that are push button, depending on your needs.

For the ultimate in luxury, you can also choose to add a bidet next to your toilet as a part of the same range.


When it comes to bathroom basics, basins are up there every single time. This doesn't mean that they should be overlooked when it comes to style. Function and design is something that Ideal Standard can bring together with ease.

The basins available through Ideal Standard include standard styles, wide basins, those with two tap holes, and suitable mixer taps. You can also choose those that have a pedestal, wall hung, and even those basins designed to ensure that you save as much space as possible in a smaller bathroom.


Most of the time, the finishing touches really bring your bathroom to life, which means that you must carefully consider those essential items such as taps. Ideal Standard knows how important taps can be for our baths and sinks, which is why they put careful thought into both of these.

You can choose from pillar taps, mixer taps, taps with a clicker waste and taps with a pop-up waste too. You can also choose taps that are suitable for your kitchen, as well as your bathroom, giving your entire home a cohesive and coordinated look.

Bathroom Furniture

As well as baths, toilets and basins, you also need to think about the bathroom furniture that will often act as storage for all those things that can build up in your bathroom over time.

Built with space, design and function in mind, Ideal Standard offers up a wide range of bathroom furniture options, which will meet your needs. This includes pedestal units, vanity units, bathroom mirrors and mirrored cabinets, and drawer units. Everything that can make sure that your bathroom looks neat and tidy.

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