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Ideal Standard Doc M Packs

Doc M packs are designed to conform with all current Building Regulations for installing toilets for disabled use. This type of toilet has been ergonomically designed to make is easier and more comfortable to use, but as you’ll see from our range of Doc M packs, bathroom furniture adapted for use by people with disabilities doesn’t have to look institutional. In addition to the Doc M toilet packs offered by Ideal Standard, we also stock packs including showers, grab rails and even seating to make showering easier.

All Doc M packs have to conform to the highest standards of quality and durability and the Ideal Standard range combines this with great value for money prices. Ideal Standard is a well-known name in the bathroom world, and their Doc M pack selection is the perfect choice for adapting any family bathroom or for installation in a commercial premises.

Ideal Standard Concept Doc M Pack with BTW Disabled Toilet and 600mm Basin - White
£1,878.59 RRP: £2,793.55
SAVE 33%
Ideal Standard Concept Freedom Designer Doc M Shower Pack
Ideal Standard Concept Freedom Designer Doc M Bathroom Pack
£1,592.95 RRP: £2,365.51
SAVE 33%
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