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Ideal Standard Kitchen Taps

Although we couldn't use our kitchens without a tap, too often the choice of tap is an afterthought in the whole design process. Ideal Standard put taps right back at the heart of kitchen design, with a huge range of kitchen taps which are not only practical but design-led too. Whatever your personal taste and design of kitchen, you'll be able to match that with a tap from the Ideal Standard range. With a great reputation for quality and reliability, Ideal Standard is a great choice for any modern British home.

Whether you're just replacing an existing tap which is past its best or creating a whole new kitchen, Ideal standard has the perfect tap, and at perfect prices too. We think these are some of the best taps on the market offering the best value too – so what are you waiting for? A new, efficient kitchen tap could be yours after a few clicks.

Ideal Standard Active Kitchen Mixer Tap - Chrome
£147.70 RRP: £211.06
SAVE 30%
Ideal Standard Active Kitchen Mixer Tap High Spout - Chrome
£150.48 RRP: £215.24
SAVE 30%
Ideal Standard Tempo Kitchen Mixer Tap Single Lever Chrome
£133.95 RRP: £189.36
SAVE 29%
Ideal Standard Concept Blue Kitchen Mixer Tubular Spout Chrome
£145.95 RRP: £206.94
SAVE 29%
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