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Ideal Standard Toilets

It's one of those bathroom basics which we all need,but which doesn't usually grab our attention in the way a lovely bath or shower does-the humble loo. When you're planning a new bathroom too often the toilet is left as an afterthought,and that's a shame because the Ideal Standard brand has a ride range of toilets which will fit in with many of their other bathroom products and accessories and which will allow you to pull together a cohesive look in your home.

Over the various ranges which Ideal Standard produce,you'll find close coupled toilets which are a great choice for smaller bathrooms,toilets integrated into bathroom units for a sleek appearance,and wall-hung toilets too.Most of these toilets are part of a larger range,making choosing additional items like basins or mirrors very straightforward. Many also have those extra little touches of luxury such as a push button flush and soft close seat. Ideal Standard has a reputation for quality, so this type of toilet guarantees to both update your bathroom with modern style, and provide reliability for years to come.

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