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Impey Automatic Shower Toilets

Impey's "Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita" automatic shower toilet is the most complete WC unit on the market, providing flushing, washing and drying with the minimal physical exertion, making it a perfect choice for people with limited dexterity. By reducing hand contact with the unit, this toilet improves personal hygiene significantly for any user, while cleaning with water instead of paper also results in a more thorough clean. In addition to its many benefits for disabled users, the "Clos-o-Mat" is a luxurious WC that will provide an exceptional bathroom experience for any customer, combining the functions of a toilet and bidet as well as drying. This unit's one touch system means that all three functions can be activated almost automatically, with a single press of the flush. With an adjustable wash time to suit client needs, the "Clos-o-Mat" will make a welcome addition to any home and can bring independence to people who might otherwise be unable to enjoy it. This WC includes a year long guarantee, so you have plenty of time to see that it functions perfectly as a part of your property.

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