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Impey Level-Dec Easyfit Floor Former

Thanks to its innovative and simple method of installation, Impey's "Level-Dec" EasyFit make stunning wet rooms accessible to more people than ever before. This floor former is manufactured using high glass content sheet moulding compound (SMC) to result in a base that is durable enough to withstand constant use and can support up to 300kg (47 stone) without additional under boarding. This reduces both cost and the time needed to install. As a sign of Impey's constant desire to improve their range, recent versions of the "Level-Dec" are up to 21.5% lighter than their older equivalent. The "Level-Dec" is highly adaptable and can be trimmed with a standard hacksaw and a straight edge ensures that it can be fitted flush to your floorboards. These formers include a lifetime guarantee, ensuring you'll have a high quality wet room base that you can count on.

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