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Impey Shower Seats

Impey know that a suitable shower seat is one of the most important components when adapting a bathroom for people with impaired mobility. These seats are designed specifically for the care market and can be fitted at various heights to ensure that it's installed perfectly for its individual user. In addition to their "Traditional" range, Impey also offer a selection of "Slimfold" seats, which occupy a minimal amount of space in your room while folded away. Impey have designed these seats with easy installation in mind, providing them either complete or with minimal assembly required. Unless stated otherwise, every Impey seat can support a weight of up to 30 stone (190kg), so check the specifications of each unit before purchasing. Whatever your requirements, these seats are designed for optimal ease of operation, cleaning and wheelchair transfer. These seats include a 25 year guarantee with every purchase, making Impey a brand you can depend on.

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