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Impey Shower Trays

Impey offer a wide selection of shower trays that are suitable for everyone. With the "Slimline" tray standing at only 35mm tall and the "Mantis" at an even more remarkable 24mm, the slight elevation of these trays means they are easily accessible for wheelchairs, with no loss of style. On the other hand, the "Mendip" and "Radiate" are designed to facilitate the waste gully beneath the tray, great for homes where installation into the floor isn't feasible. Impey finish their trays with an especially smooth coating, making them easier to clean without sacrificing grip thanks to their non-slip surface. All shower tray purchases include a high quality waste gully, ensuring you are able to smoothly connect your new tray to your property's plumbing. Impey's shower trays are protected by a lifetime guarantee, letting you enjoy your new shower area for many years to come.

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