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Impey Whale Shower Pumps

Impey are the innovators of the shower waste pump, designed for use where gravity drainage is insufficient to keep water flowing away from your shower enclosure. These electric pumps help drain your shower by increasing the rate at which water is removed from your shower tray and are activated automatically when water passes through the connected flow switch. A "Whale" shower pump from Impey can help make bathroom flooding a thing of the past.

Impey's waste pump kit is one of the most popular on the market, having been installed in over 150,000 UK homes. For a more precise degree of control, the "Instant Match" pump connects directly to certain electric showers and automatically adjust the pumping rate to match the shower flow. This helps reduce unnecessary energy expenditure and means your shower is as quiet as possible. All Impey pumped kits are suitable for shower trays or wet room floors, including all the fittings you need for a single feed electric shower.

Impey Whale Electric Shower Waste Pump Kit
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