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Food Waste Disposers

If you've often thought that there must be a better way to get rid of waste food than throwing it in the bin or recycling, then you are right. One of the most efficient ways of dealing with food waste is by fitting a food waste disposer unit beneath your kitchen sink. Turn on the tap, switch on the waste disposer unit, and the powerful motor will grind up all sorts of raw food waste, peelings and cooked leftovers into a liquid which just flows away down the drain. Easy to install in a new sink or retro-fit into an existing kitchen, this is an essential household gadget which will save you endless trips outside to the bin.

Waste disposers are an environmentally friendly option too, as they greatly reduce the amount of food waste which goes into landfill. This sort of waste disposer unit is clean, simple to use and does not create smells in the kitchen. The range we offer has units to suit all types of kitchen and some of the bigger models can cope with the demands of even the busiest kitchen.

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What is a Food Waste Disposer

Sometimes known also as a food macerator, the food waste disposer is a unit which is attached to your kitchen sink and allows you to dispose of food waste, peelings and leftovers. The food waste disposer churns the food waste up as you run the tap, blitzing it into tiny pieces which then just flow away down the drain. No smell, no mess, no need for a food waste caddy under the sink anymore.

Food waste disposers can be fitted at the same time as a new sink or taps, but are also easy to retro-fit to existing sinks. Our range or food waste disposers means that we're bound to have the ideal size of unit for your kitchen, and you'll be doing your bit for the environment too by reducing waste going to landfill.

Benefits of a Food Waste Disposer

The average UK household generates 6.6kg of food and drink waste every week, or 330kg per year. Depending on where you live, some of this food waste might be collected and recycled, but that means having a smelly food waste bin at home. A food waste disposer allows you to efficiently grind up any cooked leftovers, peelings or other food waste into a liquid and allow it to drain away with other waste water.

Food waste disposers are clean, efficient and can be retro-fitted to an existing sink or installed alongside a new one. The unit sits underneath the kitchen surfaces and can’t be seen. Operation is simple, just turn the tap on, press a button and the disposer will spring into life. Food waste disposers help you reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, as well as making your kitchen more fragrant and attractive.

Installing a Food Waste Disposer

It's a common misconception that food waste disposers can only be installed at the same time as a new sink but this isn't the case as many units are suitable for retro-fitting too. You'll need to get a professional in to help with the installation, as the food waste disposer must be connected to both the mains electricity and the waste water pipe.

Suitable for use at the kitchen sink or utility room, the only restriction on adding a food waste disposer is the space available under the sink. Units vary in size, but any from our extensive range will fit easily under the standard kitchen sink and once installed, all that you'll be able to see is an extra switch on the wall by the sink.

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