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RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics has been one of the leading names in bathroom design for more than thirty years. Today, they supply millions of pieces of ceramic sanitaryware and over a hundred million square metres of tiles to more than 150 countries around the world. Their designs utilise simple, minimalist shapes while also paying homage to traditional bathroom aesthetics, resulting in timeless pieces that are ideal for a wide range of bathroom styles. RAK's products can be found in some of the most ambitious, impressive building projects around the world and their huge "mega slab" tiles are perfect for anyone wanting a seamless, waterproof surface. They are dedicated to protecting the environment, a chief consideration at every state of the design and production process. Lengthy guarantees are a constant throughout the RAK Ceramics catalogue, a mark of the brand's confidence in the premium quality of their products.

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RAK Ceramics, named for its home in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most reputable ceramics specialist brands in the world. In the three decades since their formation in 1989, RAK's commitment to innovative design and manufacturing has seen them grow to become a true powerhouse of bathroom ceramics. Across their sixteen production plants, RAK produce approximately 5 million pieces of ceramic sanitaryware and 110 million square metres of tiling every year. Today, their products are available in more than 150 countries worldwide, with hubs located on six continents. They employ approximately 15,000 staff members, representing more than 40 nationalities, and have an annual turnover of roughly one billion dollars, meaning they are among the largest ceramics producers in the world.


Beyond producing high quality ceramic products, RAK are dedicated to creating iconic pieces. These pieces can be seen in some of the most awe inspiring buildings in the world. RAK are committed to providing bespoke ranges for large and small scale projects alike, helping clients see their dream designs brought to life. The brand's philosophy is to respect, inspire, improve and deliver, regardless of how ambitious or challenging a project might be. By developing such a diverse range, RAK provide their clients with ceramics that can be fully integrated into bathrooms, rather than simply being placed in them.

Throughout the design and production process, RAK's manufacturing plants utilise a number of state-of-the-art technologies. These include digital printing, their enormous "mega slab" tiles, antimicrobial surfaces, glow in the dark features and many more advanced manufacturing methods. Their constant drive for improvement earned them a number of International Business Stevie Awards in 2015, including a silver award for "most innovative company".


RAK Ceramics are committed to playing their part in protecting the environment and ensuring their products help provide a safe planet for future generations. Their pursuit of true sustainability is present throughout every aspect of their business. This focus has seen RAK's production plants improve their energy efficiency, reduce pollution and enhance both the surrounding area and the lives of its residents by improving the environment. Their CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) technology greatly reduces carbon emissions during production, guarding Earth's atmosphere.

RAK's efforts don't stop at the manufacturing line, with eco-friendly sanitaryware that reduces water waste during use. Their ceramic products are also recyclable, meaning they won't go to waste when they reach the end of their extensive bathroom lifespan. In addition, RAK Ceramics is one of the founding members of the Emirates Green Building Council, which was formed with the goal of developing sustainable buildings in the UAE. The UAE's Ministry of Environment and Water has recognised RAK's exemplary efforts by awarding the company with an Environmental Performance Certificate.


As their name suggests, RAK were formed with a focus on ceramics, including sanitaryware and tiles. Today, they are an industry leader and produce millions of pieces of ceramic bathroom equipment and more than 100 million square metres of tile annually. Ceramics remain the focus of their range, with a huge number of toilets, wash basins, bathtubs, shower trays and kitchen sinks available in a vast array of styles. Reflecting their commitment to providing products for commercial clients, they offer stylish modern urinals that are ideal for clubs, gyms and many other shared settings. They also offer hundreds of bathroom and kitchen taps, which can be mixed and matched with their sinks to add a personal touch. RAK's tiles are some of the staples of their catalogue, with astonishing diversity in styles and their "mega slab" tiles, which enable clients to enjoy seamless, minimalist tiled surfaces. Mirrors and cabinets help complete your bathroom, with many of these featuring unique, integrated LED lighting.

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