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RAK Tonique Bathroom Range

The stylish Tonique collection from RAK Ceramics is characterised by soft lines and minimalist style that has made it one of our best-selling suites. With a vast array of WC and basin options, you can create the perfect designer bathroom suite regardless of your bathroom size, and even co-ordinate the look throughout further bathrooms an en-suites in the home. As you would expect from a leading brand such as RAK Ceramics, each piece has been manufactured to the highest standards and comes with a market-leading 25 year guarantee.

RAK Tonique Basin & Full Pedestal 450mm Wide 1 Tap Hole
£64.95 RRP: £92.00
SAVE 29%
RAK Tonique Basin & Full Pedestal 550mm Wide 1 Tap Hole
£73.95 RRP: £109.00
SAVE 32%
RAK Tonique Semi-Recessed Basin 520mm Wide 1 Tap Hole
£84.95 RRP: £131.00
SAVE 35%
RAK Tonique Back to Wall Toilet WC 550mm Projection - Soft Close Seat
£130.39 RRP: £220.00
SAVE 41%
RAK Tonique Close Coupled BTW Toilet with Soft Close Seat - White
£135.95 RRP: £246.00
SAVE 45%
RAK Tonique Close Coupled Toilet with Seat

RAK Tonique Close Coupled Toilet with Seat

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£143.95 RRP: £246.00
SAVE 41%
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