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Reina Heated Towel Rails

If you haven't yet felt the almost orgasmic pleasure of climbing from a bath or shower and covering your body with a warm toasty towel directly from a heated towel rail then do not waste another second lacking in this simple luxury.

Picture the scene... it's 5.30 am and you need to be out of that shower by 6 am. It's chilly but not enough to warrant putting the whole central heating on, so in a flash you have nipped to the bathroom, flicked a switch, had an extra 10 minutes in bed, showered and are now wrapping yourself in a warm hug from a toasted towel that has rejuvenated you for the day ahead.

This stylish range of Heated Towel Rails by Reina will not only bring a touch of class to your bathing space but will add practicality too. No extra floor space has been taken up. Mould mildew and humidity have been slightly aggrieved. Heck you can even dry your 'smalls' on occasion. With a Ladder rail you can heat multiple towels at one time and Reina offer a range of sizes that will suit your bath space and accommodate the number of towel users you have.

The Reina Heated Towel rail is available in a straight ladder design which is ideal for space saving or a curved ladder design which is perfect for fluffier towels. You can also choose your new Towel Rail to be dual heated or pre-filled electric which is ready for installation.

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