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Toilet Plinths

Fitting between the base of the toilet pan and the floor, a toilet plinth raises the toilet to a more comfortable height. Our range of toilet plinths includes both plinths which are suitable for purchase alongside a new toilet and retrofit plinths, which can be installed to raise an existing toilet. Toilet plinths are available in a variety of heights between 50mm and 100mm, ensuring that there is always the perfectly sized product for your home.

All toilet plinths have been designed to be durable and sturdy, able to take the combined weight of the toilet pan and someone sitting. The white finish blends in effortlessly with other items of sanitaryware which you have in your bathroom, and once installed, the plinths are barely noticeable. Although suitable for use in any family bathroom, these products are most popular in bathrooms being adapted for someone with a disability or an elderly family member, as the extra height, along with carefully positioned grab rails, makes using the bathroom easier.

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