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Undermount Kitchen Sinks

One of the most used spaces in a home - and even in commercial environments '€“ the kitchen sink has to be tough if it's going to withstand what it gets put through every day. But while attractive design can often be sacrificed for increased toughness, that's certainly not the case with our extensive range of undermount kitchen sinks.

Whatever your tastes may be, there's something here to suit you. We've got a wide range of sink finishes, such as polished steel or mysterious black. Materials range from ceramic to stainless steel, while the range of depths and widths available ensures there's a kitchen sink that can fit just about any situation.

Astracast Edge S2 Undermount Sink with Waste and Overflow - Polished Steel
£216.95 RRP: £270.52
SAVE 20%
Astracast Lincoln 4040 1.0 Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink - White
£263.95 RRP: £342.66
SAVE 23%
Astracast Onyx Large 1.0 Bowl Brushed Stainless Steel Inset Kitchen Sink
£267.95 RRP: £347.51
SAVE 23%
Astracast Lincoln 5040 1.0 Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink - White
£269.95 RRP: £351.41
SAVE 23%
Astracast Onyx 1.0 Bowl Stainless Steel Inset Kitchen Sink
£284.95 RRP: £374.36
SAVE 24%
Astracast Vero 0.5 Bowl Undermount Ceramic Kitchen Sink - Granite Black
£337.94 RRP: £454.00
SAVE 26%
Astracast Lincoln 1.5 Bowl Ceramic Kitchen Sink and Waste - Gloss White
£394.94 RRP: £539.95
SAVE 27%
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