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Cloakroom Suites

Cloakroom suites are designed to provide you with everything you need to install a new toilet anywhere you see fit. Even with the huge amount of variety in modern bathroom units, finding sanitaryware designed specifically for smaller spaces can be a challenge, so these suites were created with space economy in mind. All of these suites contain a toilet and wash basin in a variety of styles, while certain options also include furniture for your new room, providing extra storage space. Whether you prefer the contemporary stylings of the modern Cali ranges or the more traditional lines of Burlington's collection of toilet and sink suites, there's something here for your room. Whatever your choice, these suites will ensure you have a sense of visual continuity and style in your cloakroom.

If space is especially limited, you should consider choosing a close coupled toilet and sink, which can be squeezed into even the tightest cloakroom spaces. They also present a fine option for larger rooms. All of these suites are manufactured to the highest standards and are easy to install. Cloakroom suites offer high quality ceramics and furniture at unbeatable value for money.

Our Cloakroom Suites Brands

Modern Suites

Modern toilet and basin suites are some of the most diverse available, with a variety of different styles that will help you create your desired cloakroom look. Even with the apparently simple designs among these suites, there is a great deal of difference from product to product. From robust, square designs to sleeker, rounded units, there's a modern cloakroom suite for every home and every personal preference. These suites encompass a vast range of different shapes and sizes including wall hung, floor standing and many more, helping you find a suitable choice regardless of how large or small your home is. The majority of modern bathroom ceramics brands are present among these suites, with such names as Verona, Premier and Cali. Modern suites are almost always manufactured with a neutral white finish, meaning they'll be an ideal addition to any home aesthetic. In addition, many modern suite toilets feature dual flush control, single or double tap options and soft close seats, providing all of the versatility and comfort you could need.

Traditional Suites

Traditional bathrooms remain a popular choice in properties of all ages, whether you're looking to renovate an old property while retaining its original feel or simply want to add a classic touch to a new build. Our bathroom suites have been carefully developed in order to offer a range of toilet and sink combinations that will bring a vintage feel to any home, while maintaining a sense of visual continuity. By combining classic design with modern manufacturing technology, these suites bring a touch of class while ensuring you have all the features you expect and need in a contemporary bathroom. Some of the biggest names in bathroom design are present in our traditional collection, including Premier and Burlington. The range of styles in this collection is vast, whether you prefer a European feel from the early 20th Century or something evocative of your own childhood. The number of available sizes is even greater, helping you find the perfect suite for any amount of space. The designs of our traditional bathroom suites are timeless, with beautiful finishes and eye catching angles that will make a stunning addition to any property. A wide range of toilet styles are available, including high and low level cisterns that are sure to evoke a sense of classical design, in addition to the more modern close coupled units. These toilets include white, black or wooden finishes on their seats, helping you keep your room muted or cozy, depending on your preference.

Furniture Suites

Furniture cloakroom suites include a toilet and wash basin but with the addition of storage units that are designed to fit perfectly with the accompanying ceramics. It can be challenging to find basins and storage units that fit together properly, especially when ordering online, so these furniture suites offer reassurance that you can buy a collection that fits together perfectly. Our furniture suites encompass both modern and traditional units, helping you find whatever you need for a renovation or new build alike. The contents of these suites vary greatly, with some of the more expensive options including a vanity unit. The furniture suite collection emphasises offering as much flexibility as possible to help you create your perfect cloakroom or bathroom. These suites contain everything you need to outfit a cloakroom but also serve as a great starting point for a bathroom.

BTU Calculator

Below is a tool that can enable you to calculate the BTU requirements needed for your room.

There are many factors that affect this calculation including the outdoor temperature, thickness of exterior walls and the quality of insulation installed. You should also ensure you have a boiler that is capable of generating necessary output for all of the radiators in your property.

Our BTU calculator should be used as a guide only, the actual BTU requirements may be slightly different to what our calculator will produce. If you need further help, please contact us.

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