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Deva Taps, with over 20 years of heritage, have developed a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of taps and showers in the UK. With over 400 different products available, there is something for everyone, be it modern or traditional. You can expect a Deva Taps product to be of the highest quality, carry a long-lasting warranty, and be an extremely competitive price in comparison to other leading manufacturers. Since being taken-over by Methven, a worldwide brand leader in the brassware sector, Deva Taps continue to go from strength to strength and provide leading tap and shower solutions.

We have been selected by Methven as a Platinum Stockist of their Deva range of taps and showers. Not only are we one of Deva's prefered Internet retailers, but our technical sales staff possess great knowledge of Deva products. You can rely on to provide you with Deva products at the most competitive prices, in the shortest delivery times.

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