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Deva Commercial Thermostatic Range

Deva's collection of commercial showers are lever mounted and ideal for public showers, such as in gyms, schools, hospitals or care homes. Their thermostatic controls ensure a consistent temperature and a perfect showering experience every time, complying with all the latest regulations on public shower safety. These showers are competitively priced and discounts are available for bulk orders, making them a great choice for commercial bathroom renovations.

Deva TMV3 Thermostatic Blending / Mixing Valve 15mm Chrome
£63.95 RRP: £110.86
SAVE 42%
Deva Thermostatic Sequential Lever Mono Basin Mixer Tap With 5 litre Flow Regulator, Chrome
£157.55 RRP: £280.48
SAVE 44%
Deva Thermostatic Pillar Mounted Lever Bath Shower Mixer Tap - Chrome
£174.54 RRP: £322.55
SAVE 46%
Deva Thermostatic Wall Mounted Lever Bath Shower Mixer Tap - Chrome
£174.54 RRP: £322.55
SAVE 46%
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