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Geberit Basin Frames

Especially in En-suites, cloakrooms and smaller bathroom where room is limited, a Wall hung basin can seriously free up precious space. When choosing a basin frame to support your ceramic it is reassuring to know that Swiss company Geberit manufacture sturdy frames that will last longer than the 25 year guarantee that accompanies each one.

All frames are made from galvanised steel which is insulated against condensation, and powder coated in a blue ultramarine finish. They are easy to install and require little maintenance.

Geberit Duofix Basin Frame Pre-Wall, 1120mm x 500mm, Blue
£143.71 RRP: £205.12
SAVE 30%
Geberit Duofix Basin Frame Pre-Wall, 820mm x 500mm, Blue
£165.90 RRP: £238.46
SAVE 30%
Geberit Duofix Basin Frame for Wall Mounted Tap, 1120mm x 1300mm, Blue
£134.92 RRP: £191.92
SAVE 30%
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