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Fan Convectors

Fan convectors are the perfect choice for adding an extra burst of heating in areas where installing a radiator or towel rail isn’t an option. Fan convectors don’t have to mean a heating unit stuck on the wall; they can also be ceiling-mounted, inserted in skirting boards around the perimeter of the room or even sunk into the floor. Convectors are an efficient and practical way of heating any home or commercial establishment, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect convector among out extensive range.

Check out the range of plinth convector heaters which occupy the dead space at the bottom of your kitchen cabinets and combat the problem of cold lino or tiled floors. Economic to run and easy to switch on and off as required, convector heaters are one of the most flexible heating methods. We’re delighted to stock such a wide range of heaters and have worked hard to keep our prices as reasonable as possible.

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