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Bette Bath Accessories

Just as Bette are pioneers in bathtub design, they continue to bring unprecedented innovation to other areas of the bathroom. These bath fillers can be installed in place of traditional taps and result in a beautifully minimalistic look, as well as making it easier than ever to run your perfect bath. The "Spring" bath filler sits in the bath waste and is controlled by a dial fitted into your overflow and, when activated, water quietly rises, resembling a natural spring. For the ultimate in luxury, the "Trio" bath mixer is a state of the art method of filling your bath, with temperature and flow controlled by dials and thermostatically monitored to run a perfect bath every time. Bette bath accessories are protected by a 30 year guarantee, the manufacturer's assurance that their products are built to last.

Bette Spring Bath Filler Tap - Chrome

Bette Spring Bath Filler Tap - Chrome

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Bette TRIO E 3 Electronic Bath Mixer Tap - Chrome
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