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Bette Free Baths

Defined by unity of style throughout its design, Bette's "Free" double-ended bathtubs offer expansive interior space, whether bathing alone or together. With lengths ranging from 1700mm to 2000mm, worries about legroom will be a thing of the past and a 450mm bath depth means you can enjoy a relaxing and immersive bath whenever you like. By positioning the outlet in the centre of the bath, Bette have ensured that this tub will be just as comfortable for both people sharing it, whether you're enjoying a romantic evening with your partner or just trying to make it through cleaning two children at once. These versatile bathtubs will fit seamlessly into any choice of bathroom aesthetic and are supplied without pre-drilled tap holes to allow for the greatest degree of customisation possible. Bette "Free" tubs are strengthened by the manufacturer's unique BetteGlaze coating, a titanium-steel layer that is both strong and especially smooth, making it considerably easier to clean than other baths. A 30 year guarantee is included with every "Free" bathtub, making them a choice that you can depend on.

Bette Free Double Ended Rectangular Bath 1700mm x 750mm 0 Tap Hole
£798.07 RRP: £1,176.00
SAVE 32%
Bette Free Double Ended Rectangular Bath 1800mm x 800mm 0 Tap Hole
£966.00 RRP: £1,428.00
SAVE 32%
Bette Free Double Ended Rectangular Bath 1900mm x 900mm 0 Tap Hole
£1,181.10 RRP: £1,750.80
SAVE 33%
Bette Free Double Ended Rectangular Bath 2000mm x 1000mm 0 Tap Hole
£1,414.61 RRP: £2,101.20
SAVE 33%
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