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Bette Lux Baths

The "Lux" from Bette was designed with uniquely flowing, natural shapes in mind and the result is an elegant bathtub that can safely be called one of the most beautiful in the world. This double ended bath has plenty of space for two people, especially in the larger available sizes, whether you're looking to enjoy a relaxing evening with your partner or trying to minimise the fuss of cleaning your children. The delicate outer edges of this bathtub add exceptional style, with no loss of strength and durability thanks to the ultra-thin BetteGlaze layer of titanium-steel. With an 8mm folded edge, "Lux" bathtubs are an ideal choice for flush installation. BetteGlaze also results in an especially smooth surface, reducing the build-up of dirt and making the "Lux" as easy to clean as possible. These baths are supplied without pre-drilled holes, allowing for maximum customisation. Each purchase includes a 30 year guarantee, protecting your new bathtub for many years to come.

Bette Lux Double Ended Rectangular Bath 1700mm x 750mm 0 Tap Hole
£1,141.12 RRP: £1,690.80
SAVE 33%
Bette Lux Double Ended Rectangular Bath 1800mm x 800mm 0 Tap Hole
£1,201.09 RRP: £1,780.80
SAVE 33%
Bette Lux Double Ended Rectangular Bath 1900mm x 900mm 0 Tap Hole
£1,361.83 RRP: £2,022.00
SAVE 33%
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