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Don't be fooled by the small name, Cali has a range of products and a personality that really packs a punch. Named after a Salsa dancing city in Columbia, the Cali range is vast, colourful, inspirational and extremely impressive.

The Cali bath range covers all P-shaped, L-shaped, right or left handed and double-ended situations and can also come complete with a bath screen. The exquisitely stunning styles of the Cali Toilets, Basins and cloakroom suites are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very reasonably priced.

A beautiful display of illuminated mirrored cabinets will captivate you whilst a plethora of Vanity Units and huge Storage Units in eye-catching hues of Vanilla, Black ash, Walnut or White, will help you conceal a multitude of sins when it comes to hiding the clutter and thus keeping the dream of a minimalistic bath space.

Combination Units can be invaluable when it comes to space saving so whether you wish to fit out a small cloakroom or a larger bathroom, the extensive Cali range is simply not to be missed. Cali offers a fabulous variety of top quality and beautiful products, each with an impressive guarantee.

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