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Vitra Bidets

We stock a stunning range of VitrA Bidets for you to choose from including the classic beauty of the Serenada, reminiscent of the Victorian/ Edwardian Period or the more modern rounded lines of the VitrA S50. Both of which are floor standing.

If you wish to create a more eye-catching, dramatic appeal to your bathroom space then wall-hung sanitaryware will certainly do that for you.

We have the functional beauty of the VitrA S50 Wall hung Bidet which is also available with a shorter projection for areas where space is at a premium or there is the VitrA S20 which has a more geometric shaping.

If it's a Back-to-Wall bidet that you have decided on then the VitrA S20 delivers an impact with its contemporary style and space saving measurements.

All our Bidets have one tap hole and taps may be purchased from or wonderful range in the Bidet mixer tap section allowing you to add your own personal touch.

VitrA S20 Back to Wall Bidet 360mm Wide 1 Tap Hole
£89.75 RRP: £138.00
SAVE 35%
VitrA S50 Floor Standing Bidet 355mm Wide 1 Tap Hole
£125.78 RRP: £204.00
SAVE 38%
VitrA S50 Wall Hung Bidet 355mm Wide 1 Tap Hole

VitrA S50 Wall Hung Bidet 355mm Wide 1 Tap Hole

  • Product StockIn Stock
  • Delivery Icon3 Days
£133.43 RRP: £218.00
SAVE 39%
VitrA S50 Short Projection Wall Hung Bidet 360mm Wide 1 Tap Hole
£133.43 RRP: £218.00
SAVE 39%
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